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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Movie Review:In Bruges

In Bruges is a delightful fast paced comedy. Starring Colin Farell, Ralph Fiennes amongst others, it is a light hearted look and neutral look into the world at a particular slice of time of two hitmen who are cooling their heels in a small town called Bruges.

It reminds of the Mel Gibson starrer Payback with its nonchalant matter of fact way of depicting crime as just another profession. These movies provide a different way of looking at such matters than is treated in conventional cinema. Standard Moral Judgements are reserved for the viewer to make.

This movie also has lots of witty one liners and a couple of barely known 'truths' veiled in the form of comedy which makes it a definite treat to watch.
Its not a must watch movie, but guess its certainly worth its time. Though at times, I felt as if the movie wasnt even made for the viewer but just for the director himself. There is very little explanation for why the characters do certain things but that looks more like something deliberate than an oversight or laziness. Its a genre which says that in life not everything has to have a reason.

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