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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"May he rule a 100 years"

"May he rule a 100 years" . This was what Paramjit Kaur is reported to said about Pervez Musharraf when she heard that her husband had been finally pardoned. Her husband Kashmir Singh was languishing in a Pakistani jail for over 35 years and Ms Kaur waited all those years waiting loyally.

While the love story is definitely admirable and requires all the attention it deserves. It also brought attention to the power to do good that people in power hold and also reminded me of the episode "Jiggly Balls" from Scrubs.

Dr. Kelso is normally portrayed as the evil, dogmatic and unreasonable boss but towards the end of the clip we get a glimpse of the kind of issues that he has to grapple with as a 'leader'.


Id it is said...

Don't know about Mr Musharraf, but may love like this 'rule' over every heart!

Raza Rumi said...

I agree with Id..
cheers, Raza

nevermind said...

Leadership is a complex business. Difficult to keep everybody happy. Almost impossible, I think.