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Thursday, March 20, 2008

On Barack Obama

Barrack Obama's campaign appeared to suffer a big setback when apparently racist remarks of his pastor came out in the open recently. For a black person to get elected in America, he would need a broad support from all the communities and not just the whites since it is reported that the black population in US is around 20%. So the anti-white sentiments expressed by any one close to him, has the potential to alienate the general white population.

However Obama reacted to this in a very brave and spectacular way by delivering a rousing speech in Philadelphia. The speech is certainly eloquent and is a must-read for someone interested in the US politics and this election for it has the potential to enter into the history books.
Here is the full transcript.

Obama's campaign is certainly historic and path breaking and he seems to be someone who deserves to get this opportunity. There are many who are sceptical of his candidacy and say that ultimately US would vote along established lines. But I would like to still hope audaciously. And also hope that if he becomes the president, he will be a positive change.

But even if he does not get elected, the candidacy has certainly opened a new way for a more inclusive politics in US.


Id it is said...

I have a high regard for this man who not only articulates well, but most of his articulation displays tremendous alacrity to the need of the hour and yet is resonating with wisdom derived out of the annals of History, both American and World. We have to be fair to this thinking individual before we call a judgment on him.

Sreekumar said...

I do too! I think that Obama is exactly the kind of political leader that was needed. We have no reason to doubt his wisdom or commitment. But as I said leadership is a complicated business and I just want to say that I support Obama but would respect whatever the decision democracy (however slanted as some argue) takes.
In that respect, the present contest with Clinton is good, for it will test Obama more and perhaps he will emerge as a better leader.