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Sunday, May 07, 2006

In God we trust

The heaviest topic of all to ponder about. Does God exists? Research is divided into two different areas. Basic and applied. Basic research is done about things for which there is no immediate use like finding the mechanism of a reaction, the age of universe etc. And applied research goes into those areas which have immediate physical application like finding ways to put in more chips in the semiconductor wafer.

Now thinking about God is the ultimate in Basic Research. For what application will we have if we are able to prove that god exists? But it has lead to lot of debate amongst the atheists, the believers, the fanatics, the agnostics and what nots.

Here is a rationalists rejection that God exist. If God exists then by definition God should be able to do anything. So God should be able to make a rock which is so heavy that God himself/herself should not be able to lift up. But if he is not able to lift up the rock, then he is not God. Contradiction!

But I take this argument from a purely utilitarian perspective. What would be better that God exists or doesn't? I think in that case it is better if God exists and let us will him to being if he didnt exist. For a world with God is also one of hope and a world with optimism. It gives lot of courage to a struggling man to have the conception of someone powerful taking care of him rather than the cold logic of science and cause and effect deciding his fate for him.

But if god exists then it doesnt mean that we can turn fatalistic. Infact there should be all the more reason to act.
Somethings in life will be known, for everything else there is God


Theja said...

Hmm...very insightful observations on abstract topics. You write well.

And I am planning to start with 'Atlas Shrugged' soon. Ayn rand's books are a slow read. Not that they are big, but bcoz the content is heavy.

BTW, we both use the same template ;)

Sreekumar said...

Oh yeah, I just forgot to mention about the template. Nice Choice! I am sure that you will finish Atlas Shrugged much much faster.

Sreekumar said...

And oops Sorry! Thanks