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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Help make poverty history

Help make Poverty History! Will putting a band on the right corner of the blog make an iota of difference? I think not, and this thought makes me angry. The sheer helplesness of seeing people back home struggling for a day's meal. Now someone can ask plainly and I will not grudge if it is asked that will this spouting of angry words solve anything.

It will not but I still have to do that. To vent the anger at seeing so many people living an inhuman existence. It must be said that it is the miracle of modern science which lifted the poor in the West and created the broad middle class. It certainly strikes as remarkable of the jump in the standard of life of people in the West and other developed countries in a remarkably small time of a couple of hundred years.

Ofcourse, lot of it is due to their industrious nature. But is the average Indian or Chinese not industrious? He certainly is. Then why are the other countries at such a pitiable state? Colonialism and imperialism did take away lot of wealth from these countries to the west. But in actual terms it was the wealth of the rich people of the colonies which actually went out. The poor people were poor before and remained poor afterward.

Things seem to be improving atleast in parts of Asia atleast there seems to be some change in the conditions of the poor there. But Africa still seems to be in the same situation cursed by corrupt dictators and ethnic strife.

So a band will not make much difference in one blog, but if you see this in all the blog that you go out to, something will strike home. Tall order but then so is the hope of making poverty history.

The band can be got from here.

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Eric said...

One is a great cause.

My name is Eric and you took my worldview quiz. You may certianly post it wherever you like, although keep in mind that the concepts are rather simplified. As a religion/philosophy student I know how complicated the variouis worldviews can be and I wish I could construct a more complete and thorough quiz at some point.

Best wishes,
Eric (edd_xii@yahoo.com)