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Monday, April 24, 2006

Globalization in the Vedas!

India's neighbour are a bit concerned with it's rise. And they should be. Eventhough India has always been a bit of hegemon in the South Asian region but it's growth and rise in international affairs will only cause more concern in the smaller neighbours. Till now, other countries secretly would like to have a Pakistan which is atleast able to challenge India and keep it diverted.

But the way things are going it seems that even Pakistan might have even less of an influence in the region as even USA (longtime traditional ally) has accepted that the two countries have different history and different future.

One thing which the neighbours are particularly concerned with are the so-called hindu fundamentalists represented in the mainstream by BJP. And the most concern is the obsession with the Akhand Bharat (United India). They believe that the whole of South Asia is civilizationally one unit historically and they should integrate politically too.

Now, normally this should alarm any neighbouring country but the interesting thing here is that Indian philosophy actually believes in the dictum 'Vasudhayeva kutumbukam' i.e. The whole world is one family. Globalization in the Vedas! So the concept of Akhand bharat is actually a smaller version of the ancient Indian concept that the whole world is one.

But of course, even if the underlying motive is benign but fundamentalism in any form is dangerous. And the neighbours are right in thinking about their self interest as they see the rise. But so far all indications are that the rise is peaceful and will actually help the entire region. Because even if imperfect, India can be a model for democracy and liberalism to others in the region struggling to build their political institutions.


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