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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Chain Mails

I got a message today which said that I should send the message to all my contacts within one minute to go to heaven after death and if I dont do that then I will rot in hell. Or something like that. We all get this and this is called a chain mail.

Now, I dont know who conjures up this weed on the internet but what is more mysterious is the purpose behind it. Is it just plain boredom or the sadistic pleasure obtained by robbing a large number of people with a few seconds of their life, which they could have spent in sleeping longer or maybe dreaming.

But what is even more silly is the people who actually take this carrot and stick approach and sends it around the net to seed more. And some of such people are unfortunately in my contact list too. :-(

I guess the right thing to do would be to reply to the sender and give him a piece of your mind. But I am a nice man and would never do that and instead suffer the wastage of the few seconds patiently. If technology can save so much time, we shouldnt complain if it wastes a few seconds, should we?

Here's a more involved discussion on chain mails


Anonymous said...

Nice one, I have a 3 strikes policy, give 3 warnings to people who do this and then permanently block them


Anonymous said...

sunny bhanot forwarded me a threatening chain mail (with dire consequences.) this time im not forwarding it to anyone else. lets see what happens (it has to stop somewhere :))


Sreekumar said...

yes, even i got that mail, sid and just some times before this post too. I half thought that he also read it and did it just to have fun with me.