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Friday, November 03, 2006

The other India

I read about this gruesome incident just now. Four members of a dalit family in interior Maharashtra were barbarically tortured and murdered by their neighbours over land dispute. While the story itself is too barbaric, but it is also one which has to be extensively publicised to raise the social awareness about this issue.

While there was great protests all over the big cities about the reservation issue, there should also be some outrage expressed and registered for this incident. People have to know that life in rural India still is a struggle and old prejudices still hold with a frightening strength.


ranjit said...

nasty! one of the problems is that laws are enforced differently for different people

Sreekumar said...

Yeah, true and that is why such cases deserve as much publicity to prick the conscience of the society. It was shocking to read the barbarity in this case because it really felt like a news item of 1900 not 2006!