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Monday, June 26, 2006

India is changing

A lot has been written about the changing India. That seems obvious to many because of the economic growth and the changing lifestyles of the urban india. TIME magazine's recent issue celebrates this fact with a coverstory. Almost in all fields, the world is recognizing India's achievments and Indians themselves are justifiably proud of this fact. Ok, we are nowhere to be seen in the soccer world cup. But there are some people who believe that even that can change.

But while this change is manifest and looked upon in a very positive way by the media. There is another change which is looked down in a more negative way but it is a change nevertheless. That is the rising assertiveness of India's masses away from the preveliged sections. Be it the political overthrow of the 'shining india' BJP, the victory of Left parties, the more recent quota controversy, it is a fact that the underpreviliged section in India is asserting itself and demanding it's fair share in the growth.

A symbol of this change was the recent incident involving the rejection of admission by a so-called good school in New Delhi to an academically high achieving student coming from a poor background and also incidently is from an OBC. But that did not deter this girl, who now has the confidence to not lose heart from this. She can now think of dreaming of making it big even if she didnt get education in such a school.

I think it is a change which hasnt been noticed a lot and reported by few people like Barkha Dutt in that story. For the people who have long been habituated to accepting their fate and position in the society, have woken up. They have seen the middle class prosper and believe that they too can rise up. It will be slow but even if there are more role models like this, then there will be more such examples and that can only be for the good.

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camelpost said...

If you thought Reservations end with admissions in IIT, please read the following from Academics@ IIT Delhi http://www.iitd.ac.in/bsw/academic.htm
Department Change at IIT .. A student is eligible to apply for change of discipline at the end of first year only provided he/she satisfies the criteria: CGPA for the General Category students greater than or equal to 7.50 and CGPA for SC/ST category students greater than or equal to 6.50.

MHRD and the job reservation in private sector supporting UGC Chief must be working hard to set new standards for OBCs.
Let my country go to sleep, let my country go to sleep .......