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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Shadow Boxing in Amherst

A disclaimer: This post is some shadowboxing going out here in Amherst. It is meant to someone but I am being indirect. Others may find it confusing, absurd, boring, egotistic,dreary, silly, childish etc. Even the person to whom it is intended to may find it likewise. Bear with me, I just had to post this.

When I was a kid, the one thing that fascinated me the most was when I realized that other people think the same way that I do. I was wonderstruck that other people too are able to think out complex thoughts(which I thought I was doing when I was a kid). I don't know why but whenever I look back, just that one thought gives me lots of optimism. I can never cease to amaze at our thinking process. It also makes me give respect to my fellow beings. It is a feeling of empathy which is very difficult to describe.

Now there are many people out there who have such beautiful mind but many do not realize that if they can have it others can too. In my opinion, the mind of what even the society calls the dimmest wit (the base human mind) is infinitely complex and this complexity keeps me in awe.

Before you begin to think that I should be a shrink, let me talk about other things. All my life, I have been an intuitive person. I believe that there is something called the right thing at the right moment. All logic made by man breaks down and it is very difficult to predict or even explain it. I have had lots of experiences like this and no I am no psychic.

Now I am definitely a "devil may care about what others think" person. But I also hate to show off myself most of the time. I like others showing off though cos that is lot of fun to watch if you take it in the right spirit. So if i show that attitude it will be only for things which matter most. And for those very few things, I really don't care what anyone other than me thinks.

Final point, I dont mind insults especially if it comes from the people I care about. So next time we meet, feel free to talk your mind ;-)

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Anshuman Ghosh said...

You said - I believe that there is something called the right thing at the right moment

trust me, there is no such moment as the "rightest thing at the rightest moment". It can vary, and to quite some extent.. lemme give u a very simple example.
When you play table-tennis, or say even cricket, as you view the ball with a hawk eyed concentration, while the ball zooms in at you, you need to decide - whats the right momemt? And... and the fact of the matter is, you can have many such right moments. You might argue that the shots will differ, but what abt the goal ? its still the same, isnt it ?

Sreekumar said...

Ahh Ghosh...thanks for the comment and giving me a chance to ramble even more :-)

When I say the right thing for the right moment, I also mean for the importance of that action to us. Playing a shot in TT or cricket or even many other daily experiences are of not much consequences to us. But even they can be. A simple example from cricket again. For Miandad, hitting the last ball six against Chetan sharma at Sharjah. That shot was one of the most important thing in his life. When he hit the ball, he will surely think to himself that he hit it at the right moment. He got the chance only once in that specific aspect. It would be very difficult to think that he will get such a chance again in his life.
Its that what i mean by the right moment.
Not convinced?

Anshuman Ghosh said...

he could have still hit the six using another shot, and that would had been another "right" moment!

bottomline -
(1) there are many right moments
(2) the aim remained the same (hitting a six)