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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

First Impression

We judge others by their acts, but ourselves by our intentions.

Unfortunately, first impression counts a lot in this world. We are so biased and superficial that we feel that we can tell everything about a person just by meeting him for a few minutes. Our impressions and biases about a person is formed so quickly and they are so hard rooted that must be irrational.

This also forms a vicious circle.I might take an instant dislike to a person. Then treat him coldly and then he gets put off and he responds and it only increases my dislike.

I guess this will remain as long as people. We always tend to like someone instinctively and not like someone or just ignore. But in that process, we judge someone harshly and also lose the opportunity to get in touch with a different kind of person. If we only be in the company of people we like, then we will be saddled with experiences, humour and stories of the same kind.

But instead if we make the effort to find about someone who is not like us or like people we are used to, then we have a richer interaction.

Ofcourse most of this is about the social setting, it is in business that these things dont matter. People act rationally (most of the time).

Smash mouth is a damn good band. I seem to like many bands because of their lead vocalists. Wether it is Richard Aschroft for the verve, Steve Tyler for aerosmith, mark knopfler for dire straits or steve harwell for Smash mouth.

Some of their videos are here.

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