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Monday, August 23, 2010

"Trust Me, I am an Expert!"

Continuing on the vein of Seth Roberts and Nassim Nicholas Taleb. David Friedman says that Experts are usually wrong.

I know just posting the links is stupid. My contribution only seems to be thinking of a good title and, in this case, I did not even have to do it. I just borrowed from the last line of David Friedman's piece!

It takes mental capacity to write your opinion on these topics and better not to write anything lazily. So I just these links as a personal reference.


austere said...

Do you follow mr Taleb on twitter?
Worth it.

milieu said...

I used to...his aphorisms are really great.
I think Indians can more easily identify with his way of thinking. The western mind (especially American) seems to me to find it hard to accept these ideas. Many of these just sound plain common sense to me.

Thank you for the comment!