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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kurai Ondrum Illai

A beautiful devotional song composed by C Rajagopalachari.
Sung in this video by MS Subbalakshmi.

Translation (given by the video uploader)

There is no grievance - Lord of Wisdom
There is no grievance - krishna
There is no grievance - govinda

You are omnipresent - kanna
Even though you are not visible for my naked eyes
There is no grievance - Lord of Wisdom

When Lord Venkatesa is always there to give what I want
I dont need anything else lord of seven hills

Krishna, you are standing behind the veiled curtains
You can be seen only by vedic scholars
still, There is no grievance dear krishna

You are posing like a idol over a hill
There is no grievance dear krishna
Father to these hills

In this Kalyug, you have come
and entered and staying in the santum of tirumala
Though i dont see you,
There is no grievance dear krishna

You dont refuse sincere prayers lord of hills
When Mahalakshmi is there with you
living in your chest
There is no grievance dear krishna
I have no complaints whatsoever Govinda


austere said...


Maybe you could watch this serial on Colors for a bit- Jai Shri Krisha. So real.

milieu said...

Hey Austere,

Inspite of not being Tamil, I really liked the song. You do not even have to be religious to appreciate the beauty for it seems a very spiritual one. Maybe this is just what I feel after hearing it.
Also, it was composed by C Rajagopalchari who was not a musician majorly.

Sorry, couldnt understan the reference to colour. Is that a new channel in india? I have been out of India and studying in US for more than 3 years now :(

austere said...

Yes, its a new channel from Viacom India. For once we have sensible programing.