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Sunday, November 09, 2008

To the Moon!-II

India's unmanned moon explorer Chandrayaan is now orbitting around the moon. This seems to have been the most tricky part of the operation though ofcourse most of the non-technical people had no clue.
A relieved  Nair said today's operation was the "most crucial moment" in the mission."We have done it," he declared.
"For the last 20 minutes, almost all our hearts were at a standstill," Nair said immediately after the the challenging manoeuvre was carried out. 

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nevermind said...

Hey, unrelated, but congratulations on voting the bugger in (if you voted, that is). What a relief. And Chandrayaan is good stuff, no? Three cheers to the Asian Space Race.

nevermind said...

And I like form is temporary, class is permanent. Heh.

milieu said...

I had no role to play except for some trifling monetary contribution. So don't hold it against me if things turn out bad :)

Well, Just Kidding. I think its a great thing. Hope that he is able to deliver on his promise. Lets see.

Also, I am and am planning to hold onto my blue passport with the three lions. I know it doesnt open too many doors just yet. What about u?

And the quote is quintessentially british (from cricket). So no surprises that you liked it ;)