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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A squirrel's fall

This post is not meant to make any sense
This morning as I was walking to work, I saw something which was new to me. I managed to see a squirrel fall from a tree! The bugger ofcourse was unhurt as he scampered away to his business. But the odds of a squirrel falling down and me being there to watch it is so low that I had to write about it.
I think the poor fellow must have been a tad embarrased!


Sudhu said...

Squirrels are quite funny creatures. I know what you mean by it being embarassed. I too was once surprised to see a crow hit a vehicle in its flight. I am usually enamoured by their manoeuvres while in flight, but that was a surprise for me too.

As for the squirrel, I have a small collection of the fellas, I hope you like it.


milieu said...

Yeah, we are not used to see these natural accidents. More used to seeing humans make mistakes.

The squirrel story is a good one. You can start a regular comic book.