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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mirza's Ammi

Stumbled upon review of a book by Saeed Mirza which seems to be interesting one to read. Its been ages since I read fiction (though this seems to blend fiction and nonfiction being a fictionalized memoir of Mirza's mother or ammi)
Here is a blog review of the book and I found some parts to be very relevant.

"The result is an absorbing mix of fiction and non-fiction – it’s as if a line has been drawn down the book’s centre, separating the Nusrat-Jahanara story (which is abandoned at the point where the couple are about to start a family) from the autobiographical sketches of later years: the one about his parents’ stoical reaction when he unwittingly ate a ham sandwich in school, for instance. (“A sinner is someone who sins against people – not because he eats pork,” his mother hesitantly concludes after thinking things over for a while, though she quickly adds, “But in my house there will be no pork!”)"


Id it is said...

Thanks for the link; I loved the post on Mirza and i plan on reading this novel.

lavender tulips【ツ】 said...

Tried to read this book twice, bored out of my mind!