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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dehlvi on Delhi

Dilli ke na they kuche auraq e musavvir they
Jo shakl nazar aayi tasveer nazar aayi

[Delhi's bylanes were like paintings,
Whichever way you looked, it was a beautiful visual.]

The Delhi walla blog carried an interview with Ms. Sadia Dehlvi, an eminent Delhite (or Dehlvi) who is an author, journalist, socialite etc. An interview worth reading for anyone interested in Delhi's rich past (the muslim era) and thoughts about the future. Certain parts also revealed interesting thoughts on ways to attempt to bridge the gap in perception of Islam in the west.

An interesting answer was about the image of Sufism in the west and Ms. Delhvi said that though sufism was popular in the west, but it was being promoted without or even by diminishing its muslim identity. That is something which is perhaps true for many other progressive ideas that muslim culture has produced. The west/others seem to acknowledge that idea but it almost seems that the idea grew inspite of Islam. I guess if one looks at it in depth, many of these ideas might have been inspired by some parts of the religion and these are perhaps the positives of the religion which many otherwise 'enlightened' individuals fail to appreciate.

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Id it is said...

Thanks for the link; I really enjoyed reading the forthright Ms Dehlvi's interview.