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Friday, May 25, 2007

Evolution or Change?

All change is not evolution but evolution is change. Things change and it is foolish to be wrapped up in the past. You can chose how you respond to the change but you do not have the luxury to resist it.

I have felt the guilt of wanting to resist change for some time now. To stop the clock and go back in time to the times when life was simpler. Maybe the boredom which creeps in just after a period of great change (thats what we assume should happen intutively) has been taking its toll. Making me see crisis even when there is none. Or inventing one just to make myself serious towards life.

I think it helps to accept this reality that change will happen and that is not in your hand. I guess its a sign of maturity/ growing up to accept that things can be better or worse but never be the same. Infact even if they remain same, your mind will change in the way it treats them (and that will change them).

I hope that one can look forward to change (but not change for it's own sake). Guess one handles things better if change is taken as a learning experience.
This rant had to come out and it does feel better now !

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Mosilager said...

as somebody said, "the only constant is change"