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Saturday, March 17, 2007

We need more of oxytocin in this world

The latest issue of Newsweek in its cover story "Beyond Stones and Bones", presents a new picture of human evolution to the public. It is a radically different paradigm of human evolution, where all of the modern humans might have evolved from just around 4000 pioneers (pilgrims) who came out of Africa just 66,000 years ago. And it is their descendants, who are now divided into various religions, colours, nationalities, ethnicities, fighting each other with hijacked airplanes and nuclear weapons.

Another interesting point in that article is that a hormone oxytocin, which is released especially during child labor, is the one which increases trust and promotes cooperative environment. This is backed up by a Mindhacks link here.

Perhaps we should just have more of oxytocin in this world and love will come naturally.

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