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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ouch!! That must have hurt!

Ricky Ponting takes on Gavaskar for saying that the aussies are dominating but highly unpopular team. Ofcourse, their is some truth on both sides so this argument is going to be another stalemate.
But Gavaskar does have a point, even if it is a bit like the kettle calling the pot black. For the aussies in the cricket field come across as an arrogant and domineering side. What with all the sledging which they indulge in. This does go again to the cocky vs confident argument. For there is a very thin line between the two. And the aussies certainly seem to lie more on the cocky side.
I guess they also use this cockiness as a psychological weapon on the field. Like their targetting the best player of the other team before any series start etc.
So the best way to other teams to show aussies their place, is to beat them like the kiwis have shown recently.
But as of now, I would rather put my money on them for the world cup!


CricketCritic said...

Regarding Ponting's reply to Gavaskar's comments over Australia's behaviour :

In my view, it was about the truth pinching hard . Nearly all teams have had problems with Australia's on field verbal tactics.

The South Africans complained of racial abuse when they went there, and in fact pleaded their home crowd to boo the Aussies when they came for return series.

NewZealander Lou Vincent went public with his feelings against Australia by saying they hunt like a pack of dogs and they think they are above the game.

India's Sachin Tendulkar has been the target of Aussies verbal volleys so often, and in the recent malaysia tri-series, ponting made some rude remarks at him after he was called back by the umpire after being initially given out.

Sri Lanka's Muralitharan and Ranatunga have had problems with Aussies.

Brian Lara too. After he reached 400, Ponting instead of congratulating him, went on to say that Lara was a selfish player in going for the record.

No doubt "Arrogant Aussies" is the right tag for your team, Mr. Ponting.

Be a good ambassador for the sports first before trying to become the best batsman.

And as for his remarks that there are not too many popular winners, you only have to look at the popular Windies of the 80s, Sachin tendulkar, Roger Federer, etc. to see the hollowness of his remarks.

So many teams you have roughed up, are now coming out in the open. Who all will you reply to Mr. Ponting ?

Add to that, Ponting and Damien Martyn's recent behaviour against Mr. Sharad Pawar in the award-giving ceremony in the Champions Trophy in India.

Remember Chris Gayle Vs. Michael Clarke in the Champions Trophy where Gayle was fined but Clrake escaped. Gayle later said that the perpetrator of the crime should be equally punished.

The administrators of the game are turning a blind eye to Aussies on field behaviour.

Sreekumar said...

You are absolutely right ofcourse that the aussie team has certainly been guilty of grave cockiness. But I guess part of the reason is that they seem to use their cockiness as a weapon. Infact, this looks more akin to how a school bully behaves in many ways. But the only way to teach a bully is to show some courage which other countries havent shown.
I still remember, with goosebumps, the historic turnaround that the indian test team (chiefly the batting of laxman and dravid) brought about in the 2001 test series

And unless any team shows such a performance again, rest of us should accept to live with the bullying of the aussie team. As they say, character is also revealed in how you behave when you win, not only when you lose.

thanks cricketcritic for your comment. I think its even bigger than my post which i take it as an honour! Enjoy the world cup season!