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Monday, March 05, 2007

Movie Review: Breach

Breach is a serious psychological tale dressed as a conventional hollywood spy thriller. Chris Cooper gives an underplayed but highly emotional performance as Robert Hanssen (the famous FBI agent who was leaking intelligence for more than 25 years) and who was finally caught in recent years.
Even though the hero in this movie is Eric O'Neal (Ryan Phillippe) as the undercover 'wannabe' agent who clinches evidence which could convict Hanssen, but the film is remarkable in the sense that ultimately it seems to be told in the words of Hanssen rather than Eric.
The reason that Hanssen was leaking information was not for money or any other natural reasons. But it was just for the kick he got from knowing that he was outsmarting a lot of really brilliant people.
It is really a tribute to American Cinema that such a movie is made where the 'biggest' traitor is looked in such a sympathetic light. But if the real Hanssen is anything like what is shown, then he wouldn't like what he saw!

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