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Monday, March 19, 2007

Movie Review: 300

I finally watched the movie which created the biggest opening record at the box office. If I had written this just after that experience, I would have lot more expletives to add but right now I would just say that it was a load of b****hit.
They say that you should count till 10 when you are angry. Well, after counting over a million, it struck me that if there are such movies like 300, then there are also movies like Cinema Paradisio, Lord of War etc which make up for it. Like people, all movies are not the same. And if you look for the negatives you can find it in anyone and everyone. This may sound a bit like zen or buddhism but thats the truth. I feel sorry for the ppl behind this movie but hey, they atleast must be filthy rich now. So good for them.

But then my good friend Dr. Booze was angry about that for a different reason. He thought in a way I didnt. He believes that this movie actually shows the fight of good and evil as the fight between East and West. So after a few references to Persia, the enemy becomes entire Asia. So we have the chinese and arabs and even elephants fighting for the dark evil side.

It has been criticised for this reason by lot of Iranian bloggers. They believe that it is actually a psychological warfare indulged in by some section of hollywood against Iran, so that it would be easier to sell the war against iran if the neocons decide and are in a position to wage it.
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Anonymous said...

I love to watch 300. His statement of "Lets's fight for glory" is really meaningful.