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Monday, March 26, 2007

Last post on the WC'07

BBC news examines the financial implication of early exit of Indian cricket team from the WC '07 here.

The punch line at the end was a cruel joke!

Sony's Kunal Dasgupta now says the format of the tournament is flawed.

"In a 48-day tournament, if teams like India and Pakistan are out for playing bad cricket in two matches, there is something really wrong. We were against this format and even told the International Cricket Council to reconsider it," he said.

Hear Hear! I say, for the next World Cup India must get the automatic bye to the finals. Only then will cricket in its present economic avatar be sustainable.


Mosilager said...

ha ha ha that's hilarious. i just watched the aus-sa match. we're nowhere near either of those guys so would have been a lot of heartbreak in the g8 if we had gone through. aussies were coming out of the crease and hitting ntini. we can't even do that to spinners. south africans kept trying to hook bouncers. our guys would just duck under. maybe next time we should relabel aus team as india.

nevermind said...

My distaste for the Indian cricket team is right up there with my dislike of the English football team. A bunch of overpaid, overrated, bloated, complacent, fat, hysterical wankers, both. I'd be delighted if both India and pakistan were banned from international cricket for a while; it'll teach 'em to play for pride, not money.