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Friday, February 16, 2007

SRK seems to be a reasonable man

I didnt like Shah Rukh Khan earlier. Though I enjoyed his acting and his impish sense of humour in the movies, I think it was a natural reaction cos he was someone who gets lot of attention from the girls. So no 'self-respecting' guy could say that he like SRK.

I watched a few episodes of KBC 2 and I must say I liked his presenting style. His risque but irreverent humour, so contrasting to the staid and serious Big B. I think SRK has hit a jackpot in KBC. Seems it will be as big a success as BigB's if not bigger. And the reason now is entirely due to SRK's personality. They have changed the game from the format of "Who wants to be a millionaire". Now its mostly an entertainment show with the questions and the tension of the money thrown in. Great Work!

I also read SRK's interviews where he talks about almost everything under the sun and felt that he is really good. Seems mature almost a patriarch. Now Big B sounds like a grand daddy.
The interviews here

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