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Saturday, February 03, 2007

A century!

This is my 100th post. Whew! Never thought I would be so regular in doing anything every. My first post was in 2004 and then I had a really long hiatus and then last year had been good. Probably lot of time in hand while doing (nothing in) my PhD.
Its also my last day in Delhi and India and this trip was really great. For the first time, having a full one month spent with family and really enjoyed it. But all good things end so that other good things can start!
Another new thing in this trip is my budding interest in finance and money. Am not expecting this to last for too long though.

Only a fool and the wise are always optimistic, and I am both.


Mosilager said...

Hey, congratulations. Here's wishing you a century of centuries of great posts!

Sreekumar said...

Hey Thanks a lot!
You are one of the very few ppl who have given some interesting comments. So thanks a lot for that!

Mosilager said...