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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Band Review : Flipsyde

For all those who like variety and eclecticism, Flipsyde must be one of the band to hear. This band fuses together Hip-hop, rap, rock and latin elements together to create beautiful songs. Its not that well-known but I do hope that that changes. For these guys deserve to be heard by more people and I am sure they will be appreciated.

The band does have an indie music feel to it but they are trying to suceed commercially as well.
Apart from the sound, what I like about them is that they are thinking people and their lyrics reflect that. Their song "US history" is probably one of the best protest songs that I have heard. They touch upon various topics including the guilt of abortion in "Happy Birthday", vagary of fate in "Someday" and also do have a sensible advice to give in most of their songs in a sensitive way.

I will be following their career and hope that these guys do well. Piper, Steve, Dave and D-Sharp, you rock!

News of their recent tour to India.

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