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Friday, December 08, 2006

Nuuklear deal

India seems to be getting what it wants in the form of the nuclear deal with the US. While, I am in favor of the deal in general but there are some aspects of the criticism which do makes you want to ponder a bit.
For instance , this is what Ed Markey, Mass(D) said about the deal's recent passing.

However, strident comments came from Massachussetts Democrat Edward Markey whose consistent opposition to the deal has been well known since the time the initiative was announced in July 2005.

"It is a historic mistake... that will come back to haunt the United States and the world," Markey said, adding the legislation is basically telling India that it did not have to stay with the norms of the Non Proliferation Treaty.

He also touched on one of his themes -- diversion of nuclear fuel by India to build up its nuclear arsenal from an estimate of about seven bombs a year to between 40 and 50 bombs.

"This is comical. The end of the non proliferation regime is debated for an hour... This is a going-away present to the Bush administration," Markey said.

"We are going to come back and rue this day. This is an era of historic hypocrisy," Markey added."


I guess this is an issue which does need more thoughts and just hope that the powers-be have thought a lot about it.

But at the end of the day, I dont agree with Ed Markey and believe that this deal does do a lot of good to the US-India relationship and should not affect the nuclear proliferation in any ways. For India being nuclear is as much an incentive to would-be nuclear profilerators as US or China or France.

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