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Friday, August 18, 2006

A Blogging Hiatus

I havent blogged for a long time, partially out of lack of anything creative to say and also I have a good excuse in having a PhD qualifier exam lined up for me. So once thursday the 24th is over, I hope to get back.

But I have been taking a break and moving around the blogosphere. And some good things have happened to two fellow bloggers which is worth mentioning here. First, Rose manages to get one of her great blog 'Long Wait Home' to be selected as one of only 6 shortlisted entries in an online contest called 'World's Greatest Novel'. Way to go! and good luck.

And then today, I discovered that Ranjit Warier's funny post 'You know you spend too much time in lab when...' is featured along other good posts by Fumbling towards Geekdom's carnival of graduate blog posts. I dont even know if he has heard the news. Hope he reads it first on my blog! Now I believe you Ranjit that commenting on your blog can make one famous. :-)

So lots happening in the blogosphere, hope to get back to blogging soon.


Mosilager said...

so that's what was going on... i was wondering... it's sad when the blogs you read regularly don't get updated... one of my favourite blogs, indigenousamerica even got deleted with no explanation :( very sad.

actually i had sent styleygeek the posts because he was asking people to send in links... never thought all three would get on the site though so that was a huge surprise! See, I told you, commenting will get you famous.

video said...

Good luck for your Quals!

Sreekumar said...

@mosilager : yeah but sometimes a short break can do wonders too...too much of everything gets to you...so thats why this break.

@video : Thanks a lot! Are yours over?

Anshuman Ghosh said...

yeah I agree, a short break can do wonders.. maybe cause in that short break, people would step beyond the computer ;)
and then they can have experiences to last another season of blogging !

Sreekumar said...

hahaha...thats a nice one, ghosh.

nevermind said...

good luck with the dissert.

Mosilager said...

Congratulations Sreekumar! Hope you have gained enough experience to get back to the blogging world.

video said...

You've been tagged! Time to start posting!!!

Sumit said...

aaj ki taaza khabar :) ..

Anshuman Ghosh said...

a months gone ... any out-of-the-worl experiences ? ;-D

Prash said...

Hello there,

I am back, shall read your posts ASAP,