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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A political crystal ball gazing

I am not a politican thats what all political people say.
I have to write something more about the quota strike in Delhi which is really going on well. I think the student demonstrators have done really well. They have retained their enthusiasm for so long and have been firm.

Ofcourse, it is the medical students who are in the forefront. They are the ones who are more affected in the short term because reservations will decrease their chances of getting into a PG school, which is already very competetive.
For the engineering guys, they generally do not go for higher studies in India, so the sense of urgency is much less. This measure will be affecting the future of the students of classes 12th and below.

I think the agitation have so far been very good. But now is the time to stop agitating and give the government and the judiciary a fair chance. If the quota protesters continue to agitate it will only harden the stand of the other side.

Politics is all about compromises. It is not about egotism. The students should not feel that by suspending the strikes they have lost faces. They should commit to a voluntary moratorium on strikes and probably wear black badges while performing their duties.

It will give some leeway for Prime Minister Singh and the judiciary to find out some way of resolving this issue. I think it is extremely unlikely that the reservation will be completely roll backed but the students can get some more concessions.

But there are two reasons why the strike might not be called off. Firstly, the students might not have an effective leadership which is confident of galavanizing the students to another round of strikes if the nothing comes out of the government's effort. Secondly, there might be the mischiefs of the opposition party(read BJP) which might like the strike to continue to damage the image of Prime Minister and give him a bad time.

My prognosis for the issue is that the students will continue their strike indefinitely and finally PM Singh will have to take a stand and go all out in favor of the bill. I think the PMO has already indicated this in many pronouncements. The PM if he has to chose between the support of the vocal middle class and the silent masses, then it would most probably go in favor of the latter.

Let us hope that something creative comes out and this too doesnt go down like Mandal I.

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