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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


A friend is passing through some difficult times with this silly thing called love. It strikes you when you are least prepared and you are the luckiest person in the world if it is reciprocated.
Now I cant write anything which is as beautiful as what a great man of india had written about it. I just hope that the friend reads this post, as I am sure he follows this blog and knows that this is meant for him. And this is again uncharacteristically sentimental stuff. What's happening to me?

"I once had a friend who grew to be very close to me. Once when we were sitting at the edge of a swimming pool, she filled the palm of her hand with some water and held it before me, and said this:
"You see this water carefully contained on my hand? It symbolizes Love."
This was how I saw it:
As long as you keep your hand caringly open and allow it to remain there, it will always be there. However, if you attempt to close your fingers round it and try to posses it, it will spill through the first cracks it find. This is the greatest mistake that people do when they meet love...they try to posses it, they demand, they expect... and just like the water spilling out of your hand, love will retrieve from you. For love is meant to be free, you cannot change its nature. If there are people you love, allow them to be free beings.
Give and don't expect.Advise, but don't order.Ask, but never demand.
It might sound simple, but it is a lesson that may take a lifetime to truly practice. It is the secret to true love.To truly practice it, you must sincerely feel no expectations from those who you love, and yet an unconditional caring."


Rose said...

Hmmmm.... Very similar to the quote:

Love is like a little bird held in ur palm... It will die if held too tightly, and will fly away if held too lightly.

I hope ur friend gets the strength to pass through this phase...



Anonymous said...

brilliant, did u pen it urself? if so its great.


Sreekumar said...

no dude, it was swami vivekananda. I am conceited but not that much to call myself a great man of india ;-).

Anshuman Ghosh said...

well well, what do we have here? my dear friend pondering over emotion(s) called *love* ..

well I think when you really mean it when one says "I am in love", it means that you care to care. And I suppose we shd leave it right there, no complications, simple and elegant - care to care.

Sreekumar said...

tsk tsk...even i feel silly writing this, ghosh.
but ya love is complicated emotion and as simple that we make it the better