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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Anger Management

I got angry yesterday. It wasnt over nothing much. The usual stuff that happens when one percieves an insult on one's ego. It was actually in the professional field rather than personal. But what was interesting this time was that I actually observed myself getting angry.

I saw that my breath became quicker or deeper. And it seemed as if blood was flowing more into my face and head cos it suddenly became warmer. But because I was actually observing this, I guess I managed to control myself. Which was fortunate because any rude remark at that point would have caused unnecessary trouble for the future.

Did give some sarcastic comments to vent my anger but it was at just the right level to display my anger without offending the other person. But the reason that this thing is significant is that observing yourself from outside at such critical moments can bring lot of peace to you. Infact a friend had suggested this from his experiences in meditation and all. But actually experiencing that pheonomena myself was pretty cool.

As to how to do it? Dont have any idea. I guess it just happens sometimes. But when it happens it gives you a strange sense of control which is nice.


tihom said...

thats true...happened to me once.....took a long walk back home....and it really helped...otherwise would have done something stupid.

Anonymous said...

i've never seen u get angry. dont think u ever got angry for anything in UG. but i guess u did the right thing in not losing control, yuo might have done sth u would regret later.


Anshuman Ghosh said...

try watching the movie Anger Management - its great fun ;)

Sreekumar said...

@tihom...I am not surprised!

@sid...ppl say that I am changing!

@ghosh...saw that, the pairing is awesome in that movie.