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Sunday, April 16, 2006

While India shines...

Somehow I did not want to write this post. It is going to be the most pessimistic piece of writing but the world is not always a happy place and there are the sad things in life which, if nothing else, makes us count our blessings.

A story in the hindustan times brought into focus once again that, while there are large pockets of the country which are doing well and prospering, there are still places where people do not get anything to eat. Now, the picture and the story might be shocking and many wouldn't want to see it but it is necessary to show such story however disturbing they might be.

It brings a lot of frustration in not being able to do anything but there has to be a calm and professional approach towards tackling poverty. It will only satisfy our morality to get all worked up but our energy will be depleted fast. Keeping the picture of that little boy in our mind most of the time is enough to force you to do something. If you don't do it today, you will be forced by your conscience tomorrow.

This is one of the reason, life began to look serious to me. Seeing the poverty around, even while I was in Delhi the capital, I even felt ashamed that I am doing so well compared to the beggar asking for some money on the street.

But I guess that's life. There will be poor people all the time and they are here even in America. And I guess all we can do is to do our bit to improve their situation (wherever they are).

So while India shine's, we shouldnt be blinded, and see that some of it's children still live in darkness.

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