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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Money and Humour

Let me write a light post this time after so much of heavy intellectual stuff. But I will leave the judgement of wether it was light to you, the reader.
I decided that I should as well try to make some money of this blog though I have no illusion that I will be very successful at it. So it made sense for me to use Adsense, and that is why you see banners on top of my blog. If you click on them, I might get paid. But hey its not necessary and that is only for fun. If you are interested in one of them then go ahead and click. So that was about money.

Now for humour. I used to be a funny guy. Yep, but that was in the good old days. Then life became serious or the way I looked at it became. I apparently lost my sense of humour. I remember the days of school when I was the leader(i hope those guys dont read this) of a bunch of really fun loving and cheeky guys.

But then I came under the spell of a guy, a dear friend still, who was had this awesome intellectual air to him. And i was hooked. Wether it was for good or for bad, that shaped me and is a big factor in what I am now. But I didnt lose the ability to appreciate humour and now I think I am going back to practicing this act.

But some of my friends havent lost this touch and there is a link to the blog of one of them on my friend list. I guarantee that you wont be able to keep a straight face.


Parag said...

hey... was it me??? :D
no i am kidding .... and sure getting carried away by with this opportunity of getting flattered...haha.
'neways yep sense of humour is something soo v. vital and good to see u reviving it...
btw i clicked on those ads, lemme know if the paid u or not, ow we'll see them :D

Sreekumar said...

if it were u, my guitar skills would have improved too :-(. and ya i will give u a commision of the 0.00001 cents u probably earned me.

and gr8 that u finally came here.

Parag said...

ohhh come on... you dont have to be so generous with in paying, after all wat are friends for!!! :D