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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Law of unintended consequences

"If a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the world, the ripple effect could cause a tempest on the other"

I recently heard about this law somewhere randomly. But I guess it is something you grasp intutively or maybe the title makes it so obvious. Because I didnt need any explanation about this and I am assuming no one else does.

But what is fascinating about it is that this simple thing affects everything profoundly. In many ways this law is the opposite of conventional science(i.e. the deterministic classical picture and not the quantum one). But it has the probabilistic connotations which resonates with quantum field. So if one looks in deeper, it actually is a corrolary to the new age science.

I guess that is also the starting point of many human thought. It must be this law which lead people to propound and follow fatalism. And this law which also provokes the anarchists to commit random acts. And also this law which fuels the pessimist as well as the optimist.

Come to think of it, this does seem to be the base of all human thought. Naah...probably I am exagerating but I must confess that I am posting this without giving it as much thought as it demands.

So this deserves another post after more thought....if i can take my mind of the more mundane things going on in life.

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