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Sunday, April 09, 2006

The improptouness of being Sir Vidia!

In the world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.
~ Oscar Wilde

Nobel Prize winning writer Sir V.S.Naipaul (Sir Vidia) is a very colourful character. Recently he had something uncomplimentary to say about many of his illustrious predecessors and contemporaries.(Naipaul at it again). But hate him or like him, he certainly has a great mind. I guess with age people do become more arrogant and now after winning the nobel, he might be feeling that he doesnt have anything more left to do or achieve.

He also believes that in modern times with the advent of television, books are obsolete and writing is a dead profession. I have heard him speaking about this topic personally when he once visited India. BTW his wife is also very assertive personality. Infact in that seminar, Sir vidia seemed like an uxorious husband. Well, women can make the most powerful and intelligent man weak. I digress. I dont think books and writing as a profession would die out. But there does seem to be a profusion of people engaged in some other profession taking up writing as a mid-career hobby and doing well at it. India's beauracrats from IAS are very good at this. People like Navtej Sarna and Pawan Verma come to mind.

So dont worry Sir Vidia, you wont be the last great writer. There will be many in the future as good or even better than you. BTW just to clarify, I have just read only one of his books, An Area of Darkness. Did have his dry humour but wouldnt call it the best book i have ever read yet by a long long way.

Yesterday, on a saturday night, I was in some place when I should have been somewhere else. I did score a turkey in bowling though and that too with the last stroke of the night. Felt good!


Parag said...

well... i too was there in the same place seeing Sir Vidia, being uncomlimentary as u rightly said about fella authors and being unoptimistic about future of the field.
I also rem someone asking him how to become an author, to which he replied not to become one because an author has to think too much internally. Well whether or not he was correct in his discouraging act but surely I did see someone seem very honest and profound in his words. And for a person of his caliber to say it would mean some deliberation going in. (although it could be something very personal happening to him, which he might be extrapolating to all... :D)

Parag said...

btw, like u and many I would also hold the opinion that the art of writing would not die out...