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Saturday, April 29, 2006


I have been itching to write about the recently introduced reservation policy. But it is one of the most important topic and the things are not black and white. It is easy to get carried away and proclaim that reservation are useless and it is only a tool in the hands of politicians to get votes. And that is right too.

But our founding fathers were visionaries and they had the right idea. Now on ground even if reservations are misused grossly but that does not mean we should do away with them.

The reasons can be found in the poor and hungry villages in the country. In Bihar and in UP, where people still live in absolute and not relative poverty. It can be found in the eyes of a young kid playing in the village with his crude toy. That boy may not be able to use this policy but the very fact that it exists means that there is hope. There is hope for the marginal community atleast in paper. And hope is all that matters.

I know both from personal and anecdotal experiences that there are many people who use the tools of reservation without deserving it. They do a great disservice not only to their community but to themselves. But I also know atleast of one person who inspite of being able to use it didnt use it and still did well.

I am all in support of the doctors in the capital who are rallying and meeting the politicos to get some change. There is a new found confidence. They also tried to get some people from IIT to rally. But I know that there is zilch interest in politics there. We guys are pragmatist and practical and we dont waste time in such trivial pursuits. We have to make money you see!

Carry on, docs


Anshuman Ghosh said...

the forefathers of the constitution laid out a framework of starting with reservations to create a more even playground of oppurtunities, but they also had the proposal of eventually removing these reservations when the *backward* are finally pulled up to an extent that they can compete comparably.

But alas, the very concept of reservation has always been used as a political tool for vote wresting - and when things as dirty as politics get associated, it doesnt get murkier ..

Sreekumar said...

Yes, it is indeed the most frustrating thing when you know what is wrong but you can't do anything about it.

Great to hear from you after long, ghosh.

charlie said...

Your blog shows how selfish are the thoughts of the present generation of haves amongst the upper castes. Spare a second and reflect on the status enjoyed by a majority of people belonging to the OBCs through centuries of Indian history.

Sreekumar said...

It is indeed true that the status of the OBCs has not been good. But do you think a law can change your status overnight from the downtrodden to being an equal?
India is changing and gradually the only difference in status remaining will be that of money and that hasnt been removed anywhere yet.