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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Super Bowl!

Watched Super Bowl during the weekend. That was my first full American Football game on the television. Hmm.... nice way to start watching a game.

Learnt a lot about the rules of the game and a bit of the lingo involved. Seems too complicated to be an american sport ;-). But it was fun. And also saw the commercials which actually cost the company involved millions of dollar for that 10 second spot. I guess most of America watches this event.

There was a Rolling Stone's concert too for 12 minutes or so. I would confess that I am not a fan of the band but am impressed by their songs. I guess I am a rock fan after all. The concert was ok. Wish I can see some live performance soon.

Then there was a party on friday night by some friends who have got assistantship. That was fun too. Dont want to go into lot of description about that.

A new week. lots of work on hand but it doesnt have a deadline so I am keeping on going at a snail's pace.

Rest assured.

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