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Sunday, January 29, 2006

A friday night

Friday night

I half dragged myself to the office today. It is a friday and I have become tuned to the american way of keeping the weekend for fun. Still I had enough gas in the tank to get to the office though an hour late.

Another uneventful day in the office. Tried to concentrate on the work but I guess worked with about 30% efficiency. I have a big job in front of me in trying to understand the technique of finite elements. But in the one month of vacations i have barely managed to make myself familiar with the terms involved. But I am consoled by everybody that the begining is slow.

Left office and headed home. I always get a good feeling when I return home. An ostensive feeling of having done a hard day's work. Started watching "An eternal sunshine of spotless mind". Starring Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Kirsten Dunst and "Frodo" Elijah Woods. It is a movie which is very slow and though worth a watch but somehow I get the feeling that it could have been much better. Felt a bit too complex for me. I enjoyed watching "Being John Malkovich" which had a similar theme. It had John Malkovich(playing himself), John Cussack and Cameroon Diaz. But that was good fun to watch at the same time poking some philosphical questions.

Well, I couldn't complete eternal sunshine cos some friends called and asked if I wanted to go to see the newest hindi movie: Rang de basanti (starring Amir Khan, Madhavan, Alice Patten etc). The film had generated a lot of hype and so wanted to go and see that. It has good musical score by A.R.Rahman. I liked the song Lukka Chuppi sung by inimitable Lata Mangeshkar. The diva still commands respect with her voice and probably will always. Also made me remember my mother again when I am so far from her. I just wonder how many more times she must be thinking about me and crying.

Ah well now back to the movie. In one word, I would say that RDB is a medley. The director Rakyesh Mehta wants to put in patriotism, love, friendship,history and everything else that you can find into one movie. Granted that it is a hindi movie which is more than 2 hours long but I guess even that is not enough to convey all the things. And you come out of the hall thinking what the movie was really about. Amir Khan gave a cool performance as always.

Now I seem to have become accustomed to sleeping late. I slept at 7:30 in the morning today. I dont even want to write what i did till that time. And I woke up at 11:30 in noon.

The laptop craze has still not left.

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