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Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Read some reviews and excerpt of Alfred Lubrano's book "Limbo:Blue Collar Roots, White collar Dreams". Lubrano is an award winning reporter for Philadelphia enquirer and works with the National Public Radio.

He seems to have started work on a subject on which i would have thought there would have been more work. But i must confess I havent looked for them as well. He describes the trials and tribulations of a person born to blue collar society(i.e. working class) and then progressing up to the higher social class the white collar or the middle class. He calls such people as "straddlers".

I wouldn't call myself a straddler since i was born into a middle class family and my father is not a working class member. But yet many of the property that the author reports as being possessed by the working class i feel that I too possess. Qualities like frankness, hard work, independence etc.

I never thought that the middle class qualities were diplomacy and using the connections. In some respect I think i have a dual personality and am a straddler too.

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